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The King of Pop surprised everyone a few years ago by losing 30 kg. According to the artist, the diet he followed was the most banal and consisted of “not eating”. The singer’s last meal was at 6 p.m., and the next only at 12 or 2 p.m. the next day. Additionally, he removed pastries, sodas and chocolate from the diet. Later, Kirkorov again gained weight, but does not consider this a problem. He repeatedly said that losing weight, if necessary, was easy for him. Everyone would have such a metabolism!

Who knows exactly how to look 30 to 50! Jay Lo really cares about always being in shape: she trains 4-5 times a week and, of course, watches her diet. For breakfast, Jen drinks a protein shake and fruit snacks. And during the day he eats fish, poultry, sometimes pork and vegetables, lots and lots of vegetables. He prefers to drink water, 6 to 8 glasses a day. And, of course, under a strict ban, Lopez has tobacco, alcohol and coffee.


It would seem that why Sergey needs to lose weight Everything is going well. But during self-isolation, he lost 12 kg, which he was extremely happy with. According to the artist, he got rid of the excess on his stomach and puffy cheeks. Lazarev’s diet consists of foods high in protein and fiber, as well as chicken meat and vegetables. For a person leading an active and sporty life, an excellent choice!


Invariable slimming, even a little painful trademark of Victoria. In her youth, she was chubby and even exhausted herself for a while by only drinking fresh juices and smoothies and sitting on vegetables and fruits, just to have the figure of her dreams . In the end, Beckham started to simply watch nutrition and seems to be a follower of the alkaline diet, the meaning of which is to eat 80% alkaline and 20% acidic foods throughout the day in order to keep the body normal. .


Another proponent of the alkaline diet and a healthy lifestyle in general. For many years, Gwyneth has been a vegetarian and caffeine free. In addition, once a month he organizes a fast day for himself, where he only eats soups, drinks smoothies and water.

The star of the “I’m Losing Weight” tape, who really gained weight for the role and lost weight while filming the film. The actress admitted that the process was not easy for her: she tends to be overweight. The secret of her slimness in small portions of food and low-calorie foods at the heart of the diet. Flour, fries and sugar are prohibited in Bortich.


Throughout her career, Lolita lost weight, then gained it. During this time, she tried many diets, including low calorie and kefir. The latter, according to rumors, even helped the artist to build up before the marriage with squash coach Dmitry Ivanov. However, at the time of her divorce, the singer was not satisfied with her appearance: in just 1.5 years she recovered by 2 sizes. His problem was finally solved not by food. The call to the endocrinologist helped.

Image from the movie “Mr. Nobody”

For most Jared this man is a mystery. Seriously. It looks like he sold his soul for not changing his appearance at all for over 20 years! It is possible that the aging portrait is hidden somewhere, but, most likely, the explanation is a bit simpler. Summer does not eat meat or touch alcohol for a long time. He also manages to exist normally with little to no salt and sugar, sleeps a lot, and meditates. However, Jared allows himself to cheat. eat popcorn and chocolate with almond milk.


In the menu of this star you will also not find coffee and alcohol. And also meat: the actress refused it as a child for ideological reasons, she loves animals too much. Natalie’s diet is based on vitamins, minerals and plant foods. And the basis of the diet Split meals: Portman eats 4-5 times a day in small portions.

The rapper who, a few years ago, proclaimed to all stakeholders the need to pump himself for a long time was far from being in ideal shape. In 2012, he weighed 105 kg, but six months later he increased this value to 83 kg thanks to active training and PP. However, last year something went wrong during self-isolation and the artist’s weight increased to 110 kg, then another 8 kg was added to them. A plan was immediately drawn up to return to his former performance: first actively building mass in the gym, then drying. However, so far the result is not very noticeable. However, during the holidays it was not up to par, but in 2021 Dzhigan, it is likely, will pull himself together.

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