10 ideas to make your treadmill workout fun

Often, beginners start running on Monday, but at the end of the week they give up this activity out of boredom. And if while jogging on the street you can somehow be distracted by the surrounding landscape, then on a treadmill a long monotonous workout turns into a full test.

This feeling is not only familiar to beginners: ultramarathoners and triathletes preparing for starts also suffer from boredom on the treadmill. Sure, you can run with the drive, but sometimes even your favorite songs don’t help distract you.

How to proceed then? In collaboration with the WalkingPad brand, part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, here are 10 ways to make treadmill workouts more interesting and effective.

1. Listen to audiobooks or watch videos

Unlike music, audiobooks require more attention. As you follow the fascinating plot, the miles will pass unnoticed. And even after a long run-through, you’ll want to skim through at least one chapter for a hitch to find out what happened next.

For shorter workouts, podcasts are a good alternative to books. It’s nice to listen to thematic channels on athletics or interviews with famous athletes while jogging. Or you can use this time to study languages, professional literature and books on personal development, that is, all that in ordinary life is often not enough time.

Although audio formats are also available for outdoor runs, watching videos is a clear benefit of running on a treadmill. A short training session will be enough for a new release of your favorite TV series, and during a long session you can have time to watch a feature film.

With the WalkingPad treadmill, you can train in the comfort of your home. Thanks to the patented folding platform technology and the possibility of vertical storage, the device can be easily placed even in a small apartment.

The WalkingPad R2 treadmill folds easily and takes up little space in the house

2. Think about the important

In day-to-day life, we constantly jump from problem to problem, so often some big problems are postponed. In the hustle and bustle of routine, there is almost never enough time to make decisions. Even seemingly simple tasks like “making a holiday to-do list” or “choosing a birthday present” are drowned out in a series of smaller tasks.

Running on the treadmill is a great opportunity to be alone with your thoughts. At this time, no one or anything distracts you, so without hassle, you can concentrate and make the best decision. It is no coincidence that a difficult problem is advised to “sit down and think”. And we suggest “running and thinking” to give a charge not only to the muscles, but also to the brain.

Many runners note that it is during physical activity that enlightenment is felt, and the exit from even the most difficult situations comes on its own.

3. Talk via video call

Each runner has a different level of training, so the comfortable pace for a long run will not be the same. But how does a beginner understand how fast you should run? The coaches explain that you have to move at such a pace to be able to talk and not suffocate at the same time.

While jogging on the street, you can chat with friends at the running club. And when you’re on a treadmill, your partner doesn’t have to run at the same pace as you. Plus, he doesn’t even have to be a runner.

A smartphone or tablet with video communication allows you to have a conversation at least during the whole workout. A great opportunity to finally discuss the latest news with friends or call relatives. It’s possible that these, inspired by your sporty, spirited look, also want to master the treadmill.

4. Use simulation apps

Initially, such platforms appeared for cyclists who need to actively use the bike rack. Later they also became popular with indoor runners.

The app introduces an element of gamification to a boring workout in one place. It becomes much more interesting to drive miles when in front of you is not just an interior familiar to the smallest detail, but a screen with a computer game.

When using the application, the runner sees a landscape in front of him with a moving person. This person is himself. In the program you can choose a route in advance: different routes differ in length, relief and, of course, visually.

Without leaving your home, you can run through the streets of London, Vancouver or even the fictional island of Watopia. The latter not only has more than 40 unusual courses, but also a 400-meter stadium familiar to all runners.

Another important function of these platforms is the ability to compete with racers from all over the world. And even run together on the same routes, organizing joint virtual training. You can dress your racer like in a real video game: choose his appearance and his equipment.

The popular Zwift Run app lets you compete against runners around the world

Now let’s move on to tips for advanced runners. Those who are not satisfied with quiet crossings for pleasant conversations and want to use all the possibilities of the treadmill to improve their physical form.

5. Exercise with a rubber band

This fitness equipment is called differently: a mini expander, an elastic band and even a “thin band”. In fact, it is a looped band made of durable latex, which will help to make the usual exercises more difficult and more effective.

And if you do them on the treadmill, you’ll need to connect the stabilizing muscles for balance. That is, in any case, you will not be bored.

To perform all the exercises, activate the minimum speed, put a rubber band in the middle of the thighs and start performing the following exercises:

  • walk with sidesteps: we stand sideways to the control panel. We move in a semi-squat, ensuring that the back remains straight.
  • walking “penguin”: we are facing the control panel, feet shoulder-width apart. We take small steps with the socks apart.
  • lunges in the climb: we set a small angle of inclination and, holding on to the handrails, we make lunges forward.
10 ideas to make your treadmill workout fun
A fitness band will make regular training more effective. Photo: Michael Hession

6. Run uphill

The treadmill allows you to adjust the angle of inclination you need. So it turns out to imitate a slide of the desired height and length.

It’s a great option not only for pumping up muscle, but also for repeating race conditions. Knowing the parameters of the climbs that await the competition, it is possible to simulate these conditions and prepare for them.

7. Try interval running

There is no bad weather for running outdoors, just the wrong gear. But this only applies to aerobic crossovers, when speed fades into the background. But for interval and tempo training, weather conditions play a much bigger role.

During ice or extreme heat, performing work at high speeds can be not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. In order not to reduce the intensity of your training during bad weather, it is better to transfer it to the treadmill.

This method is used not only by beginners accustomed to jogging in comfortable conditions, but also by professional athletes who need to perform training regardless of the weather forecast. In addition, the treadmill sling is the strictest trainer. And if you have already set the pace and duration required for training, you will have to endure and move your legs at the right speed.

The WalkingPad Compact Treadmill will help you when the weather isn’t conducive to working out

8. Run gradually

Getting started too fast is one of the typical mistakes a beginner makes over a long distance. It seems that at the beginning there is still a lot of strength, so it turns out that he is overtaking the rivals one by one. But after only a few kilometers, fatigue sets in and you have to walk almost on foot to the finish line.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you include running with negative progression in your training program. This means that you should start the race at a fairly comfortable pace, then gradually accelerate and in the last kilometers already give your best.

It is a rather harsh method, but extremely effective. It not only helps to learn how to distribute forces at distance, but also to pump endurance at speed. It’s especially convenient to do this type of workout on a treadmill, since you won’t need to constantly look at your watch to control the pace.

9. Run a “Ladder”

Most of us are aware of the importance and benefits of interval training, but don’t include it in our workout regimen. Because it is difficult, not only physically, but also psychologically. A fartlek will help you get into high-speed work, which is no less convenient to perform on a treadmill than in a stadium.

We suggest trying the fartlek scale using the 1-2-3-2-1 method. First, we run the first interval at high speed and rest for the same distance afterwards. Then the length of the interval doubles, but the distance traveled at low speed also increases. So we first “climb” the ladder, then we “come down” from it.

10. Do circuit training

Circuit training combines short bursts of running at a threshold pace and, in between, bodyweight strength exercises. These can be push-ups, jumps from a semi-squat with a forward (“frog”) movement, burpees. It is recommended that you perform up to five repetitions in each set, three to four sets in total with a complete rest of five minutes in between.

The peculiarity of this training is that it is not always convenient to perform it on the street. It’s one thing to practice after every lap in the stadium. It’s quite another to do the exercises in the middle of a busy sidewalk while jogging in the park.

With a treadmill, these problems do not arise, since you can switch from running to general physical training and vice versa at any time. Additionally, you can use dumbbells or dumbbells.

The most unusual format is the use of a treadmill to work the abdominal and back muscles. To do this, at minimum speed, you can try the following exercises:

  • dynamic bar: the hands are located on the mobile part of the treadmill, the feet are on the ground. We hold the body in the “lying accent” position and carefully move our hands along the treadmill.
  • “Climber”: we start in a “reclining position” with our back to the treadmill. Hands are on the floor and feet on the moving part of the treadmill. Step back slowly, trying to keep your back straight.

10 ideas to make your treadmill workout fun

Training on a treadmill at first glance seems similar, but in fact, one simulator allows you to give a varied load to all muscle groups. During training, you can meditate, let go of the stream of thoughts, repeat a difficult track or have time to make a few calls.