10 tips for finding the time to run

A busy daily schedule is the natural state of modern man. And the one who manages to perform professional tasks, start a business, raise children and monitor their health seems to be a real superman.

You can say as much as you want that the main thing is desire, then everything will be fine. But there are still 24 hours in a day, and there will be no more of our desire. Therefore, we will try to find time to train, depending on what we have.

Step 1. Set a goal

The goal should be lofty, inspiring and achievable. Run your first half marathon, lose a few pounds, run for the first time in the winter, whatever you want.

Step 2: Pick the right time

The task must have a time frame, otherwise you will push its execution indefinitely. But at the same time, give yourself enough time to do everything without hurting yourself. In three months, you will not prepare a marathon from scratch. For a half marathon, yes.

Step 3: Find strong motivation

Without understanding why you need it, no life hack will work. Tell yourself why running is important to you, then you can start moving towards your goal.

Remember that motivation should lead you on the planned path today, in a month and in a year. Losing 15 kg is a great goal, but it will take months to achieve. Is there enough motivation to run to lose weight? Otherwise, find something more meaningful, like betting money with a loved one.

Finding time for occasional errands is really difficult. But if you make them part of your lifestyle, as essential to your day as brushing your teeth and showering, it will be much easier to fit them into your schedule – it will start to happen naturally.

10 tips for finding the time to run
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How to find time to run

Here are ten tips on how and where to make time to exercise regularly before it becomes a permanent good habit.

1. Delegate tasks

You don’t need to strain yourself to do all the work and chores on your own. Part of the household chores can always be entrusted to the family, to a visitor’s helper, or left to the next day. And at work, use the services of YouDo or Askido.

So you will have time and energy to train.

2. Solve the “baby question”

Most likely, the children themselves will be able to warm up their own lunch or play. As a last resort, you can ask a loved one to babysit while you jog. If you are traveling, use the services of the children’s room or ask the staff for assistance.

3. Practice running

You can always run to a doctor’s appointment or other important matters, saving you time. The same applies to the daytime sleep of the child – you can perfectly run, pushing the stroller in the playpen while the baby is sleeping.

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10 tips for finding the time to run
Combine business with pleasure – run for a day of walking with a child

4. Completely plan your affairs

When compiling your to-do list, keep in mind that a half-hour run takes a little over half an hour. You have to get dressed, warm up, run for 30 minutes, change at home and take a shower. Therefore, for each case, allow a little more time than ideally.

When you have an idea of ​​the duration of all the scheduled tasks, you unwittingly try to complete them on time. At first, you can use the help of an alarm clock, which will tell you that it’s time to wrap up and move on.

5. Prepare in advance

Gather your evening sportswear, which you will wear for a morning jog. Wash your breakfast items. Plan your day in such a way as to minimize the risk of wasting time.

6. Use apps

Time management takes some skill. Special applications such as TimeStats Planner or a simple calendar will come to the rescue in this case.

7. Give up unnecessary habits

Spending a whole hour before bed surfing social media is fine, but how necessary is it? Instead of social networks, you can give yourself an extra hour for a good rest.

8. Gradually increase the speed

Immediately finding the time to train 5-6 times a week is unlikely to succeed. Do it gradually. Even if at first there are only 2 times for 20 minutes, spend this time profitably. Gradually, the habit of running will take hold, the volumes will begin to increase, and it will be possible to add a few more days of training.

9. Share your goals

Tell your friends and family, highlight your race plans on social media. A promise made only to oneself is easy to withdraw. And even find “good” reasons for it. And when many people know about it, it will be embarrassing to evade implementation.

In addition, close people will always find the right words to encourage and motivate new achievements.

10. Be flexible

Going out for a run on an empty stomach isn’t worth it, but sometimes in the morning you just don’t have the time. Don’t worry about skipping breakfast, eat a banana and go for a run. It was not possible to run in the morning, unforeseen circumstances or unexpected circumstances arose – it does not matter, postpone training until the evening or the next morning.

Training should be fun, it’s not a hard and fast set of rules that have to be strictly followed. The more frames you set for yourself, the more demotivated you will be. If you run without a coach and you run just for yourself, do it when it suits you and how you want.

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