3 Food Delivery Myths That Didn’t Come True

However, this service is often only used as a last resort. Tasteless, uncomfortable, expensive – these are the three main objections. I will tell you about my experience.

Before this New Year’s holiday, I was in absolute hell – things piled up like a whole year, like every problem in the world required my participation. And when the kid rebelled for the second day in a row to eat store-bought dumplings, I had to look for another way out. Friends advised me to try VkusMil food rations from VkusVill. I was attracted by a reliable brand, a beautiful and understandable site, and, of course, a recommendation from a friend always adds a few points.

I chose several diets at once and ordered meals for me and my son for three days. Exactly on time, beautifully packaged packages with “Sport 1800 Calorie”, “Premium” and “Balance 1800 Calorie” diets were brought right to the apartment door. By the way, it was possible to pick it up at the store, we have it in the house, but I decided – if I’m too lazy, then all the way 🙂

MYTH 1: It’s uncomfortable

What nonsense! How embarrassing can that be? Very high-quality packaging, a visual menu printed on a beautiful brochure, you load everything into the fridge (it turns out very compact) and take it out one by one. What you need – you can warm up directly in the same container. If you want – put it on a plate, if you want – eat directly from the container.

If you need to eat outside the house, you can take the container with you – nothing will spill, I checked.

I liked that it was easy to follow the diet with the diet – the composition of the dish and the calories are indicated on the menu. I found another low-carb menu on the site, which I planned to try next time to lose some weight.

With the delivery of a restaurant or ready meals from the same VkusVill, you will not be able to calculate it on your own, or you will have to spend many hours playing Tetris with products.

MYTH 2: It tastes bad

The most persistent myth about these diets is that I used to be sure that they were tasteless, tasteless, and monotonous. Why did I think that? From experience – I have tried other brands, and many of them have been disappointed. With “VkusMil” not everything is so. This is the most striking difference from other diets – everything here is VERY tasty and varied. Especially premium. No “presnyatina” and “diet” dishes. You can forget the buckwheat chicken breast.

I particularly liked: the salmon and guacamole sandwiches, bresaola tomato velouté, tarragon panna cotta, duck breast with couscous, roast beef salad, caramelized onions, and parmesan. And yes, everything goes into the calorie!

MYTH 3: It’s expensive

So it looks like when you pay for shipping for multiple days at a time. But in fact, if you carefully calculate, it turns out to be much cheaper than cooking it yourself.

The daily diet “Balance of 1800 calories” will cost 50 dollars. This is a delicious five times varied meal. You don’t need anything more. How many times can you eat in a restaurant for this amount? How about going to the store? Here!

At the same time, if you order a menu for several days at once, it is cheaper, and VkusMil will still accumulate cashback, which can be used in the next order.

Another nice thing is that VkusVill takes care of the environment. Collect all the containers and give them to the courier on the next delivery or take them to the nearest store, the service will take care of the recycling.