Tomatoes, of course, are the queens of the garden and greenhouses, but these royal people take up a lot of space. They need a lot of space, so we allocate large areas for bushes. In small areas, it’s a real disaster, the garden is not rubber. And yes, the greenhouse too.

But it turns out that you can push the tomatoes and plant neighbors towards them … from below. Those who themselves will grow in the legs and will not interfere with tomatoes. Moreover, this alliance is often mutually beneficial – good for both.

Tomatoes and watermelons

It would seem that these cultures are absolutely incompatible. But I personally know gardeners who managed such a feint, and the harvest was good. Tomatoes grow, we cut off the lower leaves and stepchildren. A bare stem from below does not need the sun – the plant receives the sun with its leaves, and they are at the top. Watermelons cover the legs of tomatoes with their burdock leaves and do not allow weeds to grow. Dropped watermelons can be picked up and hung in a net on the greenhouse wall to ripen in the sun. Quite decent fruits ripen in the fall.

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Tomatoes and marigolds

Marigolds on the feet of tomatoes play a double role: they decorate an unpresentable garden bed with their flowering and repel pests. Of course, the defenders are weak, but if they make at least a small contribution to the favorable microclimate of the greenhouse, then it is good. It is from such small contributions that proper care consists. I sprayed it here, fanned it there, planted nearby plants for prevention – here you have a large harvest without diseases.

Tomato marigolds. And he’s sitting on the bed – you see he hid from my camera

Tomatoes and mustard

Young mustard greens are a storehouse of vitamins and microelements, and it is absolutely not necessary to allocate a separate bed for them. Do not hesitate to sow it at the foot of the tomatoes and we will be happy for these two crops. Mustard greens will be juicy and tasty, and they will protect tomatoes from scab and phytophotora, and even enrich the soil. Do you know that mustard is an excellent green manure?

Tomatoes and onions

I often plant onions in a greenhouse on an anterior feather. When landing, I immediately widen the rows. When it comes time for tomato seedlings, I just carefully plant them between the rows with onions. When the tomatoes come into effect, I already remove the first early onion – it is eaten quickly. And in the garden in the garden you can leave the onion, do not clean it. The main thing is to remove the lower half-threads and leaves from the tomatoes in time so that they do not clog the onion.

A grandmother at the market explained how to plant a bow so that there are no arrows. That’s just what I do now

Tomatoes and green vegetables

Lettuce, spinach, sorrel, basil – all this can be planted at the foot of tomatoes and not allocate a separate living space for delicious salad herbs. They will not interfere with tomatoes, the main thing is to clean the bushes in time so that they are not overgrown with stepchildren and do not completely cover the sun.

The most important thing when planting together is to remember that these neighbors need to be watered more abundantly. So that there is enough humidity for both. How are tomatoes grown? With or without neighbours?