9 Popular Running Mobile Apps

It turns out that now you can run away from zombies, speed up or slow down your favorite track with your running speed, or convert the miles you run into money for charity. Interesting? So read, choose and download mobile apps for running!

1. Race Guardian

This application is distinguished by the presence of its own social network, the audience of which is scattered around the world and has more than 30 million people. And it’s not just people – it’s all potential like-minded people. Running together is inspiring, isn’t it? In addition, at the end of the race, you can take a photo showing the distance covered and, thanks to the integration with Facebook and Twitter, share your achievements.

The application is free to download, but for those who want it, there is a paid section, which includes a set of master classes from professional trainers. Runkeeper aboutIt has all the standard functionalities: measurement of the speed of movement, the duration of the race and the number of kilometers traveled. OFservice in English.


2. Strava

One of the most popular sports apps in the world. This app has a feature that others don’t – it’s a “security cloud”. It consists of the following: as a rule, we go out for a run while running the program. When a workout is completed, the running route remains in the account’s memory and other users can easily view the starting point, which is not always safe. By using the security cloud feature, you will hide the area where you live and no one will know where you live.

Strava is great for Instagram lovers as it uses a bunch of accounts with it which is very convenient. In the app, you can set a goal, such as running a half marathon or a marathon, or set the number of kilometers until the end of the year. You can also add the model of your sneakers and thus track their “mileage”.

The app lets you connect to your heart rate monitor and view stats at the end of your run.

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3. Charity miles

Perhaps the friendliest and most useful app for running. It doesn’t just show general training information, it does so much more. Every kilometer traveled is converted into 25 cents for donations. The lens and fund are selected from the menu independently, there are about 30 of them. Already 11 million users are registered in this application. Why don’t you start running with a sense?


4. Zombies, flee!

The most atmospheric app that immerses you in an exciting story while jogging. And an ordinary race turns into a survival mission. Thanks to the realistic sound design, you get the feeling that the monsters are about to step on their heels, and to prevent that from happening, you have to listen carefully to the prompts. Here a difficulty arises for those who do not know English: the application is not Russified. But for many it’s a chance to improve their English while running.

Based on the results of the run, all standard statistics are displayed.


5. TrailMix

Another non-trivial application. This is a unique player that adjusts the tempo of the composition to the speed of running or walking. This running program does not provide many statistics, since its main function is motivation. You don’t really want to listen to your favorite song slowed down by half, but to listen to the original, you have to speed up!


6. Nike+ Run Club

This application is a social network for runners and a training system. As in the social networks we are used to, there is a newsfeed where you can follow the publications of other participants. Tag and add friends who run too. The Challenges feature allows you to set goals and objectives, challenge one of your friends to compete for medals. This is great motivation to train harder and get new results! The app will notify you whenever one of your friends has gone for a run or challenged you.

The Nike+ Run Club app has the ability to create a workout plan based on your fitness level.

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7. Runtastic

It’s not just a running mobile app, but a huge health and fitness community. All Runtastic apps can be found on the official website. Now let’s talk about the running application Runtastic.

It has unique features like scripted execution. There are several stories to choose from with built-in special effects and professional voice acting – pick one and go! It is also a great opportunity to improve your English.

Of course, like in other apps, it has all the basic functions to track activity and progress. In addition, the program offers ready-to-use routes: specify your region and type of activity, and you will see several options for distances. Choose one and follow the browser prompts. Very comfortably!

For those who want to practice according to the plan, there is a corresponding section here. You can choose any goal and get a training plan with a schedule and step-by-step instructions. For example, training for a marathon. And if you’re a beginner, there’s a plan to start running non-stop for 50 minutes in 6-10 weeks. Toinstall, chat, use, maybe Runtastic will become one of your favorite running apps.

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8. Endomondo

The app tracks mileage, workout duration, calories burned, average speed and more. The results of the training can be published on social networks. In the application itself, you will have access to the feed, where you can share your achievements with other users.

Endomondo is fully compatible with ANT speed, breathing and heart rate sensors. Other than that, it’s a pretty standard racing app and perfect for those who don’t like extra stuff.


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9. Map my run

A platform for runners and professional athletes. When registering, you must specify your parameters and select the type of activity you prefer. The app has built-in training diary, by filling it in regularly, you can calculate the daily calorie intake.

Those who wish to train according to the program and prepare for a marathon or half marathon should purchase the premium version. This application is more suitable for those who like to keep a diary, accurately enter all the data in it and track their progress.


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