Many summer residents dream of planting literally everything on their site. Unfortunately, their imagination is limited by the small area of ​​the land. This is especially true for vegetable crops such as strawberries. In order to get yourself a decent harvest of this tasty berry at minimal land cost, or just to decorate your plot, you can apply the vertical cultivation of strawberries. Strawberries in pvc pipes grow quite well, and your site, thanks to this idea, will look interesting.

Basic rules for growing strawberries in pipes in the country

Generally, the choice of equipment that will be used for this method of growing strawberries is not critical. It can be pipes of various materials. It does not matter in which pipe the strawberries will be planted vertically, the main thing is to do it right, and the result will not take long to come. If you plan to equip the beds in this way, then do not forget about the possible outflow of excess water during irrigation and the need for uniform illumination of each plant throughout the garden.

What you need for a vertical pipe bed for strawberries

  • Electric drill;
  • Thin hose for irrigation of 15 mm in diameter;
  • PVC pipe 100 mm or 150 mm in diameter, 1.2 to 1.5 meters long;
  • Plug for garden hose;
  • Thin fabric or nylon stocking for wrapping a garden hose;
  • Knife and Rope;
  • Good fertile soil for strawberries;
  • Draining about 1 litre;
  • Various varieties of strawberries;
  • Several flower bushes for growing in flowerpots – ampelous petunia or nasturtium;

How to prepare a vertical bed for strawberries from PVC pipe and how to plant strawberries vertically in pipes.

PVC pipes are best for creating vertical strawberry beds. To grow strawberries in pipes vertically, you need to take two pipes of different diameters.

In a narrow we drill small holes through which the water will flow to the strawberries, not reaching the bottom by about a third. Thus, we prepare the irrigation system for our plants.

So that the holes do not clog, they must be wrapped with a thin cloth through which water will seep well, for example, nylon or coating material. We wind the fabric on a thin tube and fix it with a rope. The lower end of the pipe should be plugged with a cork so that water does not leak out. The first pipe is ready.

We take a pipe of a larger diameter and use a drill to make holes in it of such a diameter that a seedling can be planted in it. The distance between these “windows” should be about 20 cm, and they themselves should not be too close to the floor.

It remains to close the lower hole of this pipe, and to place it vertically. As a base, you can use a large pot or dig into the ground. At the final stage of preparation, the following measures should be taken: you need to insert the narrow part of the pipe into the long part, and then fill the distance between their walls with soil.

It remains to plant the strawberries vertically in the holes. When planting, deepen strawberry plants only to the growing point, do not deepen them much. In the first days, after planting, the strawberries will look droopy, but then they will take root and straighten their leaves. Thus, we can assume that the cultivation of strawberries in PVC pipes upright has begun.

Which strawberry to plant vertically

Vertical planting of strawberries requires careful selection of young plants. For this, seedlings are used in which the rhizomes grow no more than 10 cm. Before planting, they are kept in a cool place for a week. When planting in pipe holes, make sure that the root neck of the plant is no deeper than ground level and that the root system is placed vertically in the planting hole without bending.

Caring for Strawberries in Vertical Beds

Planting strawberries vertically in pipes is not difficult, as is the subsequent maintenance process. Remember a few rules – and a high yield with a beautiful view is guaranteed to you.

  1. Do not flood the plants. Due to the enclosed space, the rhizomes are particularly susceptible to rotting or fungal attack.
  2. Be careful not to get water on flowers and berries during flowering and fruit ripening.
  3. Remember that various pests can settle next to or on your flower beds. In order to get rid of it and not lose the crop, it is necessary to process the plant before flowering and after the berries ripen.

Light element in landscape design

In addition to saving space in your chalet by growing strawberries vertically in PVC pipes, you also create an original decorative element for your garden. By placing several pipes with strawberries along the fence, while complementing the external image of the pipe with various decorative elements, you will get something like a real hedge that will delight you with its appearance, and then with fragrant berries.

You can plant strawberries vertically not only in PVC pipes, but also in buckets, overlapping them and drilling holes. Inside a vertical bed for strawberries from buckets, you also need to provide an irrigation system.