How to cook delicious mushrooms on the grill

Mushrooms in foil bags are even juicier. If the mushrooms are large, they can be cooked one by one, if small, then wrap them together in a foil wrap.

Try baking mushrooms in foil with refined oil, salt and herbs. Basil, thyme or parsley will complement the taste of the mushrooms. Of the spices, ground pepper, coriander, nutmeg are suitable – choose to taste.

You can place aluminum envelopes directly on the embers (in this case they should not be too hot) or on a grid. Mushrooms on the coals are cooked very quickly – check the readiness after 5-7 minutes. It will take two to three times longer to cook them on the grill.

Grilled mushrooms are a delicious dish that cooks very quickly and can be a great barbecue addition or meat substitute for those who adhere to veganism or vegetarianism.