Timely autumn dressing for strawberries (strawberries from the garden) is the key to a good harvest next season. About which fertilizers to choose, organic or mineral, and how to apply them correctly, we explain in today’s material.

Autumn dressing of strawberries can be made from September to October, combining it with leaf pruning. At the same time, the introduction of some fertilizers after September is undesirable, because. this can worsen the winter hardiness of plants.

Organic fertilizers for the autumn feeding of strawberries

As organic fertilizers for top dressing, strawberries are most often used. bird droppings, diluted with water 1:15-20. The mixture is insisted for 2 days and grooves are dug between the bushes. In no case should the infusion enter the rosette of leaves.

Bird droppings are a fairly aggressive fertilizer that can burn plant roots, so it should not be applied to the soil in a dry form. Top dressing with litter should be combined with abundant watering.

In addition to a beneficial effect on plants, bird droppings contribute to the restoration of microflora and soil acidity. However, it should be remembered that an overdose of this organic fertilizer contributes to the accumulation of nitrates.

I like strawberries and mullein. To obtain the fertilizer of the desired concentration, it is necessary to pour 1 part of the finished mullein infusion with 10 parts of water. If the soil requires it, for 10 parts of mullein you can add 1 part of charcoal. The solution should be kept warm for about a day, after which it can be used on strawberry beds (1 liter per 1 bush).

An alternative to mullein can be porridge, diluted with water 1:8. The solution should be infused for about 2 days, then use no more than 1 liter for each strawberry plant.

Some gardeners mulch walkways with rotting plants cow dung, which, decomposing over several years, provides nutrients to plants.

In no case should you feed plants with fresh manure, since during its decomposition, methane and ammonia are released, which can harm plants.

Can also be used as organic fertilizer nettle infusionwhich is rich in nitrogen, potassium and iron. To prepare an infusion of this herb, a large container is 2/3 filled with nettles, which are filled with water, leaving some room for fermentation to the edge of the container. Nettle is insisted for 7-10 days, then diluted with water 1:10 and the plants are watered under the root.

You can add leftover bread to the nettle stalks for infusion. Such dressing helps plants to form healthy shoots and, due to the high content of potassium, improves the taste of the future crop.

At the end of October, it is advisable to feed plants with phosphorus and potassium. For this purpose, complex preparations can be used. May I – wood ash. It is used in dry form, fertilizing the soil at the base of plants or introducing ash for digging in the autumn preparation of flower beds (no more than 1 cup of ash per 1 m²).

This method will help to further protect the plants from certain pests and will serve as a prophylactic to prevent gray rot.

You can also cook ash infusion (100-150 g of ash is dissolved in 10 liters of water and no more than 0.5 liters are added under each bush).

feeding strawberries in autumn

Hardwood ash contains more potassium and conifer ash contains more phosphorus

In the fall, some gardeners lay mowed grass without seeds on the beds between strawberry plants, as well as chopped lupine stalks and leaves, sprinkling them with a small layer of soil or sand. These plants, decaying in winter, enrich the soil with useful substances.

If you are late with the introduction of autumn top dressing, then it is better to postpone it until next year, since excess nitrogen can prevent plants from preparing for winter and, as a result, they just freeze.

Mineral fertilizers for the autumn feeding of strawberries

If for some reason you had to give up organic fertilization, mineral fertilizers can become an alternative. They can be used both dry and diluted. In any case, their application must be combined with watering.

feeding strawberries in autumn

potassium salt diluted at the rate of 20 g per 10 liters of water, superphosphate – 10 g for 10 liters of water. These fertilizers can only be applied between the rows.

For root dressing, 2 tablespoons can be dissolved in 10 liters of water. nitrophosphate and 20 years potassium salt. Under a bush do not make more than 1 liter of solution.

Nitrophosphate can also be used when transplanting garden strawberries. In this case, about 40 g of fertilizer can be added to each well. It is important that the roots do not come into contact with the granules, otherwise the plants could burn themselves.

feeding strawberries in autumn

Some mineral fertilizers can be mixed with organic matter. For example, another option for fall feeding can be a mixture of mullein (1 liter for 10 liters of water), superphosphate (2 tbsp) And wood ash (1 glass).

You can also mix 2 tbsp. nitroammophos with 1 glass ash (this amount is enough to feed 1 m² of beds).

It is undesirable to prepare a liquid top dressing after September.

Or you can go the easier way and in early September use Kémira autumn or any other complex fertilizer for strawberries (according to the instructions).

Fall top dressing is perhaps the most important of the year, as it allows strawberry plants exhausted from fruiting to recover and overwinter in order to please you again next season with a bountiful harvest.

feeding strawberries in autumn