Any summer resident does not want to buy a large number of strawberry plants of the same variety. Because he knows the strain he likes will be fairly easy to distribute. This is because everyone knows about the spread of mustache strawberries. After all, everyone, even a little familiar with this berry, saw that a mustache grows from its bush. And in turn, they quickly give roots in contact with the ground.

Why is a mustache the best way to propagate strawberries?

  1. Mustaches grow by themselves, they do not need to be prepared in advance or purchased.
  2. Through the mustache, all signs of the variety are transmitted to the bushes. That is, you can be sure that the new bushes will give the same harvest as the mother bush.
  3. Strawberry whiskers grow well and rosettes take root quickly.
  4. The method of breeding is simple and understandable for both novice gardeners and experienced gardeners.

Can the same bushes be used to pick berries and breed with whiskers?

Permit. But then you will have to sacrifice most of the crop, and there will be no chance that the mustache will take root. In order not to take risks, it is recommended to decide on priorities. What is more important now: picking berries or strawberries in the summer will be left to breed with whiskers.

If so, all whiskers should be removed as soon as they appear. As they draw vitality from the bush, the berries will shrink.

What whiskers are taken from strawberries for breeding?

First, it is determined which bushes will be used as mother plants. To do this, after harvesting, they must be marked so that next year strawberries will be propagated from them. If possible, gardeners recommend planting them in another garden bed, so as not to be mistaken next year.

Next year, these bushes will need special care. The first condition for propagation is to remove all buds as soon as they start to appear. This will allow the bush not to waste energy on fruit ripening, but to invest it in vegetative propagation.

The next rule of how to properly propagate mustache strawberries is to remove the weak ones. Only strong and strong mustache shoots are meant to remain. From them strawberries will be spread with a mustache.

And they don’t need to be left completely alone either. They shouldn’t get out of control. It is advisable to shorten them immediately after the appearance of the first plug. If you need a large number of seedlings, it is permissible to leave another outlet on each tendril. But not more. It all depends on which strawberry whiskers to save for breeding. Now you need to master the technology to ensure that the maximum number of outlets takes hold.

How to propagate strawberries with a mustache?

After the first roots appear on the socket, you need to help them take root well. And this is possible in two ways. The first is to fix a strawberry plug directly on the parental bed. To do this, the antennas near the socket itself should be pinned to the ground and slightly pushed into the ground. Then you need to care for it in the same way as a mother bush.

Second scenario: spread mustache strawberries in cups. All actions are repeated as in the first case. With only one difference: it is necessary to immediately pin from a separate cup or pot, which is deepened in the ground in the garden. In this container, the bush will form, and it will be easier to remove it from the ground for transplanting.

It is supposed to transplant new strawberry bushes to a permanent place in late July or early August. It is this period that will give the plants time to form strong roots and spend the winter serenely. A few weeks before the transplant, you need to cut the mustache from the mother bush to the rosettes. This will give them time to completely switch to nutrition through their own roots.

Other Ways to Propagate Strawberries

There are varieties of strawberries that give underdeveloped whiskers, while springy strawberries have none at all. Therefore, it is necessary to use other methods for its reproduction.

The first such method propagation of strawberries by seeds. To grow strawberries from seed, you need to take the ripest ones. And they should grow from the middle part of the bush. Their seeds have great germination vigor.

The top layer of such a berry should be cut off and dried well on paper towels. After complete drying, it should be rubbed gently in the palms so that the pulp is separated from the seeds. Pour the strawberry seeds into a glass jar and keep them until ready to plant.

Growing strawberries from seeds at home begins in the fall. In October-November, you need to start pre-planting preparations. To do this, they are transferred to a room where the temperature is maintained at 2-4 degrees Celsius. At the same time, they should be constantly kept slightly moist. It is recommended to stir them every two weeks. And before planting, strawberry seeds must be dried.

When to plant strawberries from seed.

In January-February, prepare the soil for sowing. Pour expanded clay to the bottom of the container, the thickness of the layer should be about 2 cm, then 10 cm from the fertile layer. Compact the soil and make rows in it half a centimeter deep. Sow strawberries and cover the rows with soil.

Soil with strawberry seeds should always be kept moist, seedlings should stand in a well-lit and warm place. After three weeks, the first shoots will appear.

When strawberry seedlings have their first true leaves, they are supposed to swoop down. But not in different pots, but in one. While each bush was at a distance of 2-3 cm in a row. And at the end of May, land them in a permanent place.

Second way: propagation of strawberries by dividing the bush. It is possible for the reason that at the end of the season each bush can have up to 10 growth points. Therefore, it can be divided into parts and seated. The main condition: each part must have several roots.

How to propagate everbearing strawberries?

They are looking to buy it for their site due to the fact that it gives two crops in one year. First in June-July, then in August-September. Usually she has a weak mustache or they are completely absent. Therefore, the propagation of everbearing strawberries is carried out by seeds or by dividing the bush. These two methods have been described previously.