Shrub roses can rightfully become the decoration of any flower bed – that’s why many gardeners choose them to decorate the earth. Since branch roses are in most cases hybrids, they require good care during the growing process. The main method of care is the formation of a bush – this is the only way to get a healthy, lush rose with abundant flowering. Unfortunately, many novice gardeners find it difficult to prune a spray rose properly so as not to harm it. In this case, it is worth choosing the right type of cut and carrying out the work, taking into account all the recommendations.

Pruning Spray Roses in Spring: Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginner Gardeners

Why prune roses in the spring

The main objective of this process is to eliminate the following shoots on the spray roses:

  • damaged by pests or diseases;
  • dry, old or frost-damaged bushes;
  • thick bushes crossing or touching each other.

This is necessary, first of all, so that the lower shoots receive the necessary amount of sunlight, the bush takes the correct shape, and the process of stimulating early and abundant flowering takes place.

When is the best time to prune roses in the spring?

It is important not only to prune branch roses correctly in the spring, but also to choose the right time for this. It is important to understand that the timing of spring pruning can change each year. This is because winter tends to start in different months. So, in this case it is better to focus on the weather conditions and the general condition of the roses. Pruning is only recommended when the weather is warm enough outside. At the same time, the buds should already be swelling, but the shoots are not yet growing. In most cases, this happens in the second half of March or early April.

It is better to choose a sunny day for pruning, use sharp pruners. In order to disinfect the sector blade, you can use a weak solution based on potassium permanganate. The cut should be 5-7 mm above the kidneys, the cut angle is 45 degrees.

Advice! It is recommended to treat the leaves before flowering with copper sulfate.

Pruning tools

The key to successful pruning of branch roses is the right choice of work tool. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to carry out all the work with high quality.

Pruning Spray Roses in Spring: Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginner Gardeners

Before pruning, the gardener should have at hand the following tools and tools:

  • high-quality garden shears – care should be taken to ensure that the tool is sharp. Since scissors need to be used quite often, they need to be sharpened regularly.
  • secateurs, side cutters – with their help, as a rule, they remove and thin the shoots of a spray rose;
  • garden knife – it must also be sharp. In addition, it is necessary to choose such a working tool so that it has the most comfortable handle. Using a knife, cut the ends of a rosette into a sheaf;
  • garden saw – since during the work you will have to cut quite dense shoots that appear on perennial bushes, it is better to use it for these purposes. Some use pruners or scissors in such situations, but it should be understood that these tools will not be able to cope with such work;
  • protective paste “RanNet” – it is worth using in order to provide a high level of protection of sections from the penetration of infectious diseases. After all the extra shoots are removed, it is worth applying a small amount of paste;
  • thick gloves to protect hands – it’s no secret that rosettes are quite hard and prickly, therefore it is necessary to carry out all work in gloves, which will protect your hands from thorns. Many experts recommend the use of rubberized gloves, as they provide additional protection.

After all the necessary tools are prepared, you can start working. In practice, pruning is not difficult, but you will have to do everything carefully and as carefully as possible. Also, do not forget about the step-by-step algorithm for performing the work, expert advice and recommendations.

Advice! If necessary, a special protective paste can be replaced with garden pitch.

Types of pruning shrub roses

To date, there are several options for pruning branch roses. As practice shows, the choice depends entirely on the height at which it is planned to carry out work on the shortening of shoots.

Thus, the following types of trimming can be distinguished:

  • strong or, as it is also called, moo – by choosing this type, you will have to prune the branch rose at the level of 3 or 4 buds from the surface of the ground;
  • moderate Where medium – in this case, it will be necessary to remove the shoots from about half of the grown bush;
  • light, also called him high – when pruning, it is recommended to remove the shoots in the upper part, while about 1/3 of the shoot should be cut off.

When choosing a particular method, keep in mind that this decision should depend on the type of rose bush being grown, its age and level of growth.

Large size

If you choose a strong pruning type, then it should be borne in mind that all work should be done in the spring. This method is ideal for significantly shortening the shoots of a spray rose, as well as for rejuvenating already old bushes. The main goal of the current work is to stimulate the growth of new shoots and remove old shoots in which the growth process is no longer observed.

moderate size

Pruning Spray Roses in Spring: Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginner Gardeners

If we take into account the reviews of many experienced gardeners and specialists, moderate pruning of spray roses should be carried out in early spring. This method of removing shoots is used only in cases where it is necessary to make the crown of the bush neat and lush. In addition, thanks to these works, it is possible to significantly increase the number of flowers, influence the early flowering period of the bush.

Easy pruning

When light pruning, it is necessary to remove the flower stalks of faded buds, as well as shoots damaged by aphids, spider mites or viral diseases during growth.

Also do not forget that in addition to these types there is sanitary pruning, which is carried out throughout the growing season. Sanitary pruning is used to remove dry shoots damaged by pests and diseases.

Important! If you understand how to properly remove shoots in the spring, sanitary pruning will be quite easy.

Scheme and rules for spring pruning

In order to correctly carry out the work of pruning a spray rose, it is recommended to adhere to a certain scheme. Many experienced gardeners adhere to the following step-by-step algorithm for performing the work:

  1. After the positive temperature regime on the street has become stable and the threat of frost has passed, it is worth removing the shelter, namely: straw, spruce branches, dry foliage, etc.
  2. As soon as all the shelters are removed, the bush should be examined as carefully as possible, there should be no damage, dry and broken branches.
  3. If there are any mechanically or frost damaged branches on the branch roses, they must be removed immediately. Parts damaged by frost are easily visible by their unnatural brown tint, moreover, the level of fragility of these parts is quite high. These shoots must be removed in a healthy part that is not damaged.
  4. Shoots growing inside the bush should also be removed in a timely manner, and they are completely cut off. This is first necessary so that the thickening of the bush is at the required level, and the lower shoots receive a sufficient amount of sunlight. In addition, the level of humidity inside the bush will increase significantly. In addition, it should be taken into account that shoots that cross, touch each other and grow in an upright position should be removed.
  5. It is recommended to carry out pruning in accordance with the originally chosen method. If we take into account healthy shoots, it is recommended to remove only those that have a sufficiently large vegetative mass. And also those who do not carry out the process of formation of buds and flowers. Healthy, thick branches at the base of a branch rose should be pruned moderately.

Carrying out this work is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. If necessary, you can see exactly how to cut a spring rosette in the video below.

Warning! It is possible to distinguish frost-damaged shoots from healthy ones by specific burns – irregularly shaped red-brown or burgundy spots.


There are several ways to prune a shrub rose. As practice shows, each option has its own advantages and should be used in certain situations to achieve different goals. Anyone can do the job, just follow the step-by-step algorithm, advice and recommendations of specialists and experienced gardeners.