I want to tell you about an interesting way of growing large tomatoes that I have been using since the third year and the results are pleasant.

I read it here in a gardening book and decided to give it a try. I don’t know if this is correct, but the method works.

I start growing seedlings not in mid-March, as usual, but a month earlier – in mid-February. Would you say that in this case it will be overgrown? And here is the main secret: as soon as the plants become relatively large, I shorten them with scissors so that three leaves remain on them from below.

Then the stepchildren will appear in their sinuses, which I grow (it turns out in three rods) until the very moment of landing in the ground.

So it turns out that I already have tomatoes in the greenhouse with a large number of inflorescences, which begin to fruit immediately on these same three stems (while on the “ordinary”, uncircumcised bushes there is no has only one inflorescence at this time).

how to grow big tomatoes

And there are always more fruits on them, and they are bigger in size. In short, the conclusion is as follows: from each bush of tomatoes with this technique you can get a crop of tomatoes three times more than before. In our latitudes, this is important, because tomatoes ripen in mid-August, and at this time cold dews are already falling.

You need to harvest the entire crop almost immediately, both ripe and unripe tomatoes. Tomatoes ripen later in basins in a warm room. This method of picking tomatoes allows you to control ripening, avoid root rot, and distribute the processing of tomatoes into tomato juice, pickles and other products for the winter.