We were all once novice gardeners. So, about 15 years ago, I didn’t know when to remove the arrows that appeared on winter garlic, and it led to sad results.

A year I received small and “wooden” garlic. The following year I ruined the whole garden by simply rotting the plants. For another year it turned out that the arrows reappeared. And there were a lot of misunderstandings.

It is difficult for me to blame myself because I was then a little over 20 years old and I was engaged in a garden without access to the Internet. The source of information was rare copies of the magazine “Plant Farming” and the pensioner’s neighbor.

In general, I decided to talk about when and how this important operation should be carried out, so as not to get a meager harvest like me in my youth, but to dig up large fragrant heads of garlic at the end of the month of July. .

Now I always do it on time and can’t complain about the performance. I am very sorry for not knowing this information before and I hope it will be useful to many.

We determine the moment

Garlic is a crop that can reproduce in two ways: by seed and by splitting into individual cloves. The natural or priority method is the seed, because. it makes it possible to obtain material free of diseases and accumulated genetic mutations.

I leave 4-5 arrows each year to update the seed fund. Well, depending on the readiness of these arrows, I determine when to remove the garlic from the garden.

garlic arrows

So if the arrows are left, the head may not grow at all. It will be small and very hard. Therefore, it should be deleted. But not immediately after their appearance.

We usually determine the moment by the state of the arrows. They should be fully formed and rolled. But at the same time they should not lose their fragility. I remove about 7-10 days after they appear.

When it starts to rise – you can already withdraw

But in hot and dry weather you should not wait so many days. Remove after 3-4 days. In wet weather, on the contrary, do not rush to perform this procedure, as there is a high probability of infection.

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Do the right procedure

And now we proceed to the procedure itself and carry it out correctly. Here are the most important rules:

  • leave a “stump” of about 3 cm;
  • do not shoot the arrows, but break them;
  • leave 1 at the beginning, middle and end of the beds;
  • before the procedure, do not water the garlic and choose a dry sunny day.

After removing the arrows for another 48 hours, you should refrain from watering. And then loosen the soil, water it abundantly (at least 20 liters per 1 m2). Even if the weather is rainy, it is imperative to carry out a moisture charge, because after the procedure of removing the arrows, the garlic will begin to rapidly increase the mass of the head, and it will need an amount of sufficient water for this.

arrows on garlic

We feed garlic

Be sure to feed the crop so that it has enough to grow a great harvest. I make an extract from fresh wood ash. It is very important that the ashes are fresh. I take from the last heating of the bath. It turns out about 3 liters sifted. I fill it with water up to 10 liters. I mix and let it infuse for about 72 hours. Then I take 1 liter of extract for 9 liters of water and sprinkle the garlic. 1 watering can (10 liters) is sufficient for 1 m2.

After top dressing, I again pour abundantly with clean water so that the nutrients enter the root system of the garlic.

Until the time of cleaning, I do not feed anything else. The yellowing and progressive drying of the foliage is a natural phenomenon at this stage of cultural development. The leafy part feeds the head, which rapidly increases in size.

arrows on garlic

Arrows in any case do not throw

I know many have tasted the taste of garlic arrows. I am no exception. In no case do we throw them away, but sometimes we beg our neighbors. Because I cook an awesome garlic paste from arrowheads.

It takes 1 kg of arrowheads, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of salt, 100 ml of refined sunflower oil, 20-30 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice (9% vinegar can be replaced in the same amount).

The cooking process is incredibly simple. My arrows, dry, ground into a paste in a blender. I add lemon juice (so that the color is preserved, and it is also a preservative), salt, sugar, a little, I grind everything again. I sterilize 200ml jars. I spread it. I keep it for about 3 months in the fridge. If there is a lot of pasta, I freeze one portion per portion.

It is an excellent base for sauces, dressings, marinades. Yes, and just smeared on a piece of freshly baked bread – overeating.