Strawberries are one of my family’s favorite berries, so I’m always trying new ways to water strawberries when they’re in bloom. After all, it is during this period that we can influence the harvest, namely how many berries we will collect.

Usually the berry plant grows in one place for many years, the land under the berry bushes is exhausted. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for a good harvest of strawberries. Only properly performed top dressing helps here: this is how you support your plantings and at the same time “help” the strawberries to attach as many berries as possible.

How to feed strawberry plants during budding and flowering?

Here are 3 of the most popular top dressings that have been proven for a long time. You just have to choose the one that suits you and your berries the best.

1. Classics of the genre – the use of ready-made complex phosphorus-potassium fertilizers.

Phosphorus – for a long and abundant flowering of strawberries, as well as to strengthen the root system of the plant. Potassium – for the future properties of fruits: they will be distinguished by good keeping quality, “vitamin content” and high sugar content. There are many phosphorus-potassium fertilizers in stores, there are even formulations designed specifically for strawberries. Here’s how to feed strawberries in the spring before they bloom.

2. If you don’t want store-bought “chemistry”, use the old, tried-and-true ash tincture recipe.

Wood ash (the only exception being oak ash, which contains a lot of tannins) is a great alternative to purchased fertilizers. Ash is a wonderful source of easily digestible potassium, as well as many other useful trace elements for plants.

Feeding strawberries during flowering happens like this. Pour a glass of wood ash with a liter of boiling water, leave for a day, then dilute the infusion with ten liters of species. Ash tincture is ready – you can water the sockets. For one plant, 0.5 liters of infusion will be enough.

3. Another feeding option is to spray strawberries with a solution of boric acid.

Boric acid for strawberries during flowering is an excellent top dressing. It has been noticed that it has a wonderful effect on the ability of plants to produce fruit, after such top dressing you will harvest a lot.

How to water strawberries during flowering with boric acid.

Take 0.5 tablespoon of boric acid, stir it in a bucket of water. Spray strawberries with this solution during flowering, paying particular attention to the flowers.

You can also spill strawberries with a solution of boric acid, then the recipe will be a little different: take 2 grams of acid, 10 drops of iodine and a glass of ash in a bucket of water. Let the infusion stand for a couple of hours, after which it will be possible to spill strawberries at the rate of one half-liter jar per adult intake.