How to properly propagate strawberries?

The main type of strawberry propagation is seedlings grown from the tendrils of a bush. For those who already have garden strawberries growing on their plot, it is enough to choose several strong and healthy strawberry bushes from the berry bush and plant them on a separate plot, setting for them the role of queen cells.

These bushes will let out a mustache, on which leaves grow, collected in a rosette. They are the main planting material. When the child’s honeycombs develop well, they should be cut from the mother bush and sent to the nursery. In order for the seedlings to take root well, it is regularly watered for 3 weeks, sheltered from the sun.

Transplanting strawberries in the spring to mother beds is done in a one-sided scheme, so it is easier to monitor the formation of new rosettes, since the mother bush will produce them throughout the season.

But we must not forget that the “producer” bush gives babies only one year. For the next season, this site should be taken under the bay for growing fruits, and a new site should be allocated for seedlings.

Daughter rosettes formed in summer and early fall can be transplanted into containers and stored as planting material for transplanting into open ground the following spring.

Those who do not have the opportunity to grow their own seedlings will need to purchase planting sleeves. But then you need to be able to choose them correctly.

Seedlings should have sufficiently juicy, clean, light brown, non-lignified and well-developed roots.

In the center of the outlet (it is also called the “heart”) there must be at least 3 sufficiently developed leaves without any spots.

Preparing a site for planting strawberries in the spring in open ground

So how do you plant strawberries in the spring so that they take root well? First of all, you need to take care of the condition of the soil. The area where it is planned to grow strawberries should not be shaded, pre-cultivated (the best predecessors are legumes).

Despite the fact that strawberries love moisture, the earth itself should not be waterlogged. Therefore, a good option for growing berries would be small sunny hillocks.

Beforehand, it is necessary to get rid of weeds and apply fertilizers to the soil (potassium-phosphorus and decomposed organic matter). Since these works, as well as the digging of the ground, should be carried out about one and a half months before planting strawberries in the ground, it is more reasonable to start preparing the site in the fall so that planting strawberries in the open ground in the spring is okay.

The scheme of planting strawberries in the garden

Experienced gardeners know how to plant strawberries in the spring. And for this they use various methods: landing mat, bush, wide or narrow strip.

Beginner summer residents should choose an ordinary scheme, planting strawberries in 1 or 2 rows. At the same time, the distance between the rows should be kept within half a meter, so that it is more convenient to process the beds. Between the bushes themselves, 30 cm will be enough if the bay is small. But large-fruited varieties are placed at a distance of no more than 80 cm from each other.

Plant strawberry plants in the ground

When they ask how to plant strawberries in the spring, I want to answer – as at other times of the year. That is, you need to take into account the rules for planting seedlings in the hole.

Having decided on the planting scheme, they dig a hole under each bush. Here it will be necessary to take into account the length of the root, since it must be placed vertically in the ground. The normal length is considered to be between 5 and 8 cm, the excess can be cut off. When digging strawberry seedlings, you need to make sure that the earth does not fall into the “heart”, otherwise the bud will rot and the whole bush will die.

Having dealt with the question of how to transplant strawberries in the spring, do not forget about other actions – watering, fertilizing and loosening the soil. But immediately after planting strawberries in the holes, the ground around the bushes should be mulched. For this, coniferous needles, straw, peat and humus are suitable.

This will prevent the growth of weeds and keep the berries clean in all weathers. But a more interesting solution would be to use agrofibre.

Rows of strawberries under agrofiber

Do you know how to plant strawberries in spring with the least losses in the future? Use agrofiber – this will allow you to keep moisture in the beds, completely free yourself from the need for weed control and loosen the soil. This method will help save the crop later.

Planting strawberries in the spring under agrofibre is a simple matter. The main rule here is to prepare the site strictly according to the width of the film. But the length will be determined based on the preferences of the owner and the capabilities of the site.

The fiber is laid on the already prepared soil. At the same time, holes should also be dug, over which a cruciform cut is made on the film. Through it the seedlings fall into the ground. The soil in the hole must first be moistened.

Remember how to plant strawberries in the spring in the holes, so as not to damage the outlet itself, keep this in mind when forming rows under the agrofibre.


Knowing what a spring bale transplant is, the conditions determined for it and the methods, you can easily break up a strawberry meadow in your area. But we must not forget that in the year of transplanting strawberries from the garden it is not worth waiting for the harvest – it will appear only next season. And then you will enjoy fragrant sweet berries for 3-4 years. And then the strawberries need to be transplanted into a new bed.