Strawberries are an incredibly tasty, fragrant, and beautiful summer berry that everyone loves. Usually, strawberries are propagated by whiskers, transplanted into new beds in spring or autumn every 3-4 years. However, we want to tell you how to grow strawberries from seeds. Sure, it’s hard work, but it’s worth it!

And another undoubted advantage is that pathogenic bacteria are not transmitted by strawberry seeds, and you can grow strawberries from seeds at the home of any variety, even those that go back. Therefore, planting strawberries with seeds is the business of every connoisseur of this berry!

You can even make your own strawberry seeds for growing. To do this, you need to choose the largest and fleshiest berries of well-formed bushes, in which it is necessary to separate the outer layer with seeds. It is best to collect the seeds that are at the base and in the middle. The resulting pulp should be placed in gauze and carefully so as not to crush the seeds. Then scrub, then rinse. So, strawberries from seeds at home can be grown from their berries.

Planting strawberries with seeds for seedlings in the apartment.

When are strawberry seeds planted for seedlings? Usually, planting seeds and growing strawberries from seeds is carried out in the spring, approximately at the end of winter – at the beginning of spring, from February to March, so in the fall they need to be dried and stored in a glass jar in a cool, dry place. place. They do not lose their properties within 5 years.

To successfully grow strawberries from seeds at home, you need to properly prepare the land for planting future strawberry seedlings.

When choosing soil for planting strawberries with seeds, you should give preference to light, crumbly soil – a mixture of garden soil and river sand. Such soil does not need additional fertilizers and top-ups. However, before planting, you need to disinfect the soil, since the seeds are too susceptible to various diseases and are the favorite food of most pests. Strawberry seeds can be disinfected by roasting them in the oven.

For planting strawberries with seeds, boxes or containers 15 cm high are used, in which you need to lay the soil in layers in the following order:

  1. Drainage layer – 2-3 cm,
  2. The ground is half the capacity.

Immediately before planting, it is better to soak the seeds for 40 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate, then for 48 hours in clean water. It is undesirable to completely fill the seeds, it is better to use a damp cotton cloth.

Strawberry seeds are very small, so planting strawberries with seeds is superficial, on a compacted layer of moist soil. Use a needle or toothpick to distribute the seeds evenly.

After the container is covered with polyethylene, get a mini-greenhouse.

Planted seeds are regularly aired and watered with a sprayer so as not to move the seeds from their place.

With proper care, the seedlings will begin to sprout in a few days, but you can finally remove the polyethylene when three formed leaves appear.

Also, for special ventilation, you can make small holes in the film, for example, with a knitting needle. After the formation of the first shoots, seedlings should be taken out for an hour in direct sunlight, it is advisable to do this procedure in the morning. After some time, when it is already possible to completely remove the film, it is worth starting to take the plants out into the open air to harden them.

He planted seedlings in open ground, which already had 5 full leaves, and had undergone a weekly hardening course. The approximate time for planting strawberry seedlings from seed in the garden is at the end of May and all of June.

Transfer strawberry seedlings to open ground

Strawberry seedlings are best planted from seed on cloudy days, and not on hot days.

Open ground is dug in the fall to a depth of 30 cm, and in the spring it is certainly loosened to a depth of 15 cm. In a previously prepared place, it is necessary to dig holes at a distance of 25 cm from each other and 30 cm between rows. But the depth of the hole should be made as accurately as possible, because the bush should be planted clearly according to the instructions: the root system is in the ground, and the rosette of leaves is above. Remember: a root system that is too deep is not very well formed and will eventually die out, however if it is too close to the surface it will also dry out and disappear.

Then care is taken as for ordinary strawberries. The result will be a harvest that is in no way inferior to conventional planting methods. Planting strawberries with seeds for seedlings is very simple, there are no special difficulties, you just need your desire.