Strawberries are considered a forest berry that grows in the shade, its berries are small and very tasty. Most often in our gardens and orchards we grow strawberries. Harvesting a good harvest of strawberries from the garden is much easier than strawberries. However, the strawberries are so tasty that my mother grew them in the shade, under a black currant bush, just to eat.

And we grew it ourselves at home from seed. Fortunately, now in garden stores you can buy strawberry seeds, and strawberry seedlings simply grow at home. The main thing is to know when to plant strawberries for seedlings. But, if you have lamps for additional plant lighting, you don’t even need to worry about when to plant garden plants. Just check with the lunar calendar so that the landing day is auspicious.

When to plant strawberries for seedlings – strawberries are best planted with seeds for sowing in February – early March. At this point, fill small bowls, such as egg containers, with soil. Sprinkle a layer of snow on top and compact it with a teaspoon. Then put a strawberry seed on the snow, cover the containers with film or glass and put them on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. Then expose in a bright place. When the snow melts, it will pull the seed halfway into the ground. The small seeds need light to germinate, so they should not be covered with soil. The shoots are tiny, like two green dots on the ground.

The most important thing is not to nail the cotyledons to the ground when watering, so you have to water with a pipette without touching the plants, preferably along the edges of the container. When the strawberry plants grow a little taller, they can be soiled.

After the spring frosts have passed, strawberries can be planted in a school (on a specially prepared small weed-free bed), if by this time they already have 3-4 true leaves. In August, you can plant shrubs on site.

Please note that when sowing strawberries with seeds for seedlings, splitting occurs, that is, not all bushes will have maternal properties.

When to sow strawberries for seedlings in 2021

According to the lunar calendar, the best days for sowing strawberry seeds for planting in 2021 are:

  • in January it is better to sow strawberries on January 9, 27 and 30. Unfavorable for planting seeds will be January 10 and 25;
  • when to sow strawberries for seedlings in February: the best days for sowing strawberries are from 1 to 6, but sowing is also possible on February 24, 26 and 27, and it is better not to sow strawberry seeds on February 9 and 23;
  • sow strawberries for planting in March the most successful will be March 4, 5, 6, 7, you can also do planting work on March 31. Unfavorable days for sowing strawberry seedlings will be March 9, 17 and 24.