Salmon, sauerkraut, and other foods that reduce the risk of colds

The therapist Fallahi Nurzhahan, in an interview with RIA Novosti, listed products for the prevention of colds. If you want to support immunity and stay healthy, revise your diet and add something to our list.


Salmon, red salmon, tuna, sardines, and other vitamin D-rich fish should be in abundance on the winter menu. In winter, the body especially needs a varied and balanced diet, healthy fats, and trace elements. Therefore, fish and seafood will help maintain immunity, protect against viruses and colds, and generally diversify your daily diet. In addition, salmon has a very beneficial effect on the female body, helping to preserve the beauty of the skin, hair, and nails, reduce mimic wrinkles and prevent premature aging.


This product contains a large number of vitamins, including ascorbic acid and probiotics. And sauerkraut is absolutely calorie-free, so you can safely include it in the winter menu and not be afraid to improve.

Dairy products

According to the doctor, fermented milk products are rich in probiotics and lactobacilli, which have a beneficial effect on the body, helping it to resist viruses and negative environmental influences. You can, for example, have cottage cheese with berries or fruits for breakfast, and drink kefir in the evening. This will already be enough to strengthen the immune system.

Photo: Valeria Boltneva/Pexels

Eggs, chicken breast and other protein foods

Lean meats, poultry and meat products (organ meats like liver, kidneys, etc.), eggs (chicken, quail, goose, ostrich), nuts and seeds will help the body resist viruses and colds. “During the winter season, it is very important to pay more attention to protein foods (including animal proteins), because they provide the body with many amino acids that help strengthen the immune system,” said doctor.

Fresh vegetables and fruits

The doctor stressed that fresh fruits and vegetables should not be given up during the cold season. It is very important that the diet also contains a sufficient amount of green vegetables, which contain many useful trace elements and vitamins. All this will help you feel alert and healthy while maintaining a sufficient amount of energy and a good mood.