Choosing a strawberry variety for growing in a vegetable garden is one of the most important things. Plants that are not suitable for a particular climate will simply not give the desired result.

The climate of the Moscow region is considered quite stable. However, there is a threat of sudden night frosts in the last days of May. Therefore, when choosing which plants to gift, this should be taken into account. In addition, one should not hope for an early harvest from open beds. This feature explains the fact that it is not necessary to wait for the first fruits in early June of an early variety of strawberries for the Moscow region. Unless the spring was exceptionally hot.

The best varieties of strawberries for the Moscow region: summer harvest

  1. Alba. Its berries weigh about 25 g and remain so until the very end of fruiting. Strawberries are strong and tolerate transportation well. Their shape resembles an elongated cone.
  2. Pineapple. It strikes with its rich aroma, which appears due to growing in the sunny area. strawberry pineapple
  3. Anita. Early variety with 50g berries, yielding over 1.6kg from one bush.
  4. Cardinal. Also an early strawberry variety for the Moscow region, the berries of which weigh 30 g at the start of the season, and 20 at the end.
  5. Kimberly. Berries (50 g) taste like caramel due to the high sugar content. Kimberly
  6. Kokorinskaya. The variety is characterized as early, having a high yield, with fruits of the correct shape.
  7. The beauty of Zagora. It is not susceptible to slug attacks, but rains cause the development of gray rot.
  8. Vikoda is a fruitful strawberry for the Moscow region. Begins to bear fruit from mid-July.
  9. Gigantelle. The size of the berries reaches 9 cm, which weigh about 100 g. The dimensions of the bush are also striking: height up to half a meter and diameter up to 70 cm.
  10. Jam. Its flesh has a sweet and sour taste. These strawberries can be frozen, dried or stewed. Jam
  11. Moscow birthday. By the name it is clear that this is the best strawberry in the Moscow region. It gives a medium-term, frost-resistant crop.
  12. Fireworks. Mid-season strawberry variety, bred in Russia. It tolerates severe frosts well. The berries have a rich ruby ​​hue.
  13. Florence. Gives a harvest whose berries are defined as very large with the correct shape. Florence
  14. Honey. Its strawberries have a weight of 40-30 g, it all depends on the ripening time. At the beginning of the season, they are bigger, then a little smaller, but still big.
  15. Roxane. Good yielding variety. It can be grown in greenhouses.
  16. Symphony. English strawberry. Its berries have the correct shape and burgundy tint.
  17. Reviews Delight. It is, perhaps, the leader in the list of “Best Strawberry Varieties”, because it is characterized by high yields. It can reach 3 kg from one bush. Reviews Delight
  18. Elsanta. A variety with medium-sized berries (about 13 g), which produces 0.5 kg of strawberries per season from one bush.
  19. White Swedish. A variety of pale pink strawberries (almost white), the berries of which weigh 25 g.

When to plant strawberries in the suburbs?

It is customary to distinguish two landing periods. The first is spring and summer. It begins in early May and ends in mid-June. If the beginning of spring is warm, and the earth has already warmed up by the end of April, you can plant strawberries this month.

The second is summer-autumn. It lasts from mid-August to mid-September. It is better not to plant later, since the plants will not have time to take root and lay new flower buds. Therefore, strawberries will not yield a harvest.

The best varieties of strawberries for the Moscow region: harvest before frost

There are situations when berries ripen twice in one summer or continuously appear on a strawberry bush. First of all, it is worth listing the first of them.

  1. Arapaho. Pink fruits have a sweet and sour taste. Gives two harvests.
  2. Geneva. It tolerates frost well, so it does not require shelter for the winter. It also produces two crops in one summer.
  3. Miracle of Likhonosov. Strawberry variety that produces two crops.

Varieties of remontant strawberries include the following:

  1. Albion. A variety from which you can pick large berries all summer and continue to grow all autumn until frost.
  2. Aromas. Strawberry variety with very erect leaves.
  3. Crimean. The large berries smell of wild strawberries and ripen from early summer until frost. Crimean
  4. Lubava. Suitable for cultivation in vertical beds. The berries have a recognizable aroma of wild strawberries.
  5. Garland. Bred by Russian breeders. The berries are large with a pleasant aroma and taste.
  6. Elizabeth Perhaps the best variety of strawberries for the Moscow region, bred abroad. Its shape is slightly flattened. Some fruits grow up to 100 g. Elizabeth
  7. Temptation. Strawberries have an ornamental appearance, so they are often grown in pots.
  8. Whiting. Variety of Ampel strawberry. Which can be grown at home and will bear fruit for 10 consecutive months.
  9. Moscow delight. Can be grown in greenhouse. It differs in that the berries have the smell of cherries.