After the strawberries are harvested, be sure to cut them so that the next harvest will be rich and plentiful. Cut the mustache and old leaves. They do this before new leaves appear so that pests do not have time to overcome them. After trimming the leaves, you need to loosen the soil between the rows 10 cm deep, while pushing the bushes a little. Then the strawberries gain strength for the next harvest, so feeding them at this time is very important. We’ll tell you how and how to feed strawberries after leaf pruning, so you can navigate the wide variety of different top dressings.

Feed strawberries after pruning

The ideal option for feeding strawberries after fruiting and pruning is organic fertilizers:

  1. humus,
  2. chicken manure,
  3. horse dung and mullein,
  4. nettle green manure,
  5. compost.

If mullein and manure are used, simply spread the pieces around the bushes. When using chicken manure to feed strawberries, it must be diluted. Otherwise, the concentrated droppings will burn your favorite strawberry variety. Take 1 kg of manure and dilute it in 20 liters of water. Fertilize under a strawberry bush about 1 liter under a bush.

Nettles are crushed, put in a plastic bucket, poured with water and insisted for 2 weeks. For 1 kg of green mass of nettle, you need to take 20 liters of water to prepare green manure. The mother liquor is diluted in a ratio of 1:10, and the strawberries are watered with this fertilizer after pruning and when forming a bush.

You can also use mineral fertilizers, it is better to use special fertilizers for strawberries. Use 100gr per 5m2. Fertilizer should be scattered on the bed, deepen into the ground with a chopper. To prevent the formation of a crust after watering, cover the beds with peat or pine needles and water. You need to water regularly with warm water in the morning or evening, despite the absence of fruits and leaves. This will ensure a good harvest in the future.

Here’s how and what to feed strawberries after cutting the leaves:

  • loosen the earth
  • sprinkle with potassium permanganate,
  • feeding with organic matter or special means,
  • sprinkle with ashes.

Knowledgeable gardeners use a three-step dressing:

  1. Immediately after pruning, they are poured with nitrogen fertilizers with the addition of chicken manure or chicken manure. They loosen the earth.
  2. After 2 weeks, they are fed with organic substances containing phosphorus and potassium.
  3. The third time they are fed in September with mullein or compost.

Mineral fertilizers only for processing strawberries after cutting the leaves.:

  1. Urea – 100 gr for 30 liters of water
  2. Nutriflex S – 10g for 10l of water
  3. Infusion: nitroammophoska – 2 tablespoons, ash – 1 cup, water – 10l
  4. Mineral fertilizers: Buisky, Shungite, Elegiya
  5. Ammonium nitrate – 10g
  6. Biogumus
  7. Potassium nitrate – during the ovary
  8. Boric acid – a pinch in a bucket of water – spray during flowering and ovary
  9. Ammonium nitrate – 10 g; potassium sulfate -10g, superphosphate – 30g

The use of chlorine-containing substances should be avoided, since strawberries do not tolerate chlorine.