When transplanting a tomato or pepper into the hole, you can and should apply fertilizer. The harvest will then be much better. Here is a selection of 7 popular fertilizers – what to put in the hole when planting tomatoes and peppers, which will help to expand the harvest. Organic fertilizers should be applied when planting seedlings in the hole. It is necessary to give preference to natural fertilizers, since they have a beneficial effect on plants and do not harm development.

what to put in the hole when planting a tomato

1. Humus

A classic fertilizer that is familiar to all gardeners. Manure is rotten manure. It is best suited for mature seedlings. For a hole you will need to take 50 gr. rotten manure. Fertilizer should be mixed with the soil.

what to put in the hole when planting a tomato

2. Ash

Ash is an excellent popular fertilizer, contains a large amount of potassium. It has a beneficial effect on peppers and tomatoes, making their fruits larger and sweeter. For a tomato or pepper hole, a small handful of ash is enough.

what to put in the hole when planting a tomato

3. Compost

The compost must be overripe. About 300 grams should be added to the hole.

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4. Peat

The composition of peat includes a large number of useful trace elements. For example, oxygen and carbon. This helps the soil become softer, which is especially important for tomato and pepper plants. Peat can be applied to the soil together with other fertilizers. If the acidity of the soil is too high, peat will help overcome this problem.

what to put in the hole when planting a tomato

5. Eggshell

Eggshells provide seedlings with a large amount of calcium. It is especially important during active growth.

shell food

6. Fishmeal

Fishmeal is rich in useful trace elements. They contain:

  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • iodine;
  • phosphorus.

Pour a small handful of bone meal into the hole.

what to put in the hole when planting a tomato

7. Onion skin

An ancient remedy used in the last century. Onion peel can perfectly disinfect the soil. A small handful of shells is enough for one piece. Soon it will rot and saturate the earth with useful substances.

onion skin vinaigrette

As you can see, there are really many ways. Each of them has certain positive qualities. Thanks to organic fertilizers, the bushes will grow powerful and strong, and the fruits will be large and tasty.