What to serve on the New Year’s table

Each “tiger” consists of 4 to 5 dishes: starters, hot dishes, and dessert.


Only the most exquisite dishes, selected by the rare Albino Tiger, especially for your refined nature:

— Spinach and salmon quiche

— Chicken skewer in teriyaki sauce with grilled vegetables

— Salad with pastrami and marinated zucchini

— Coconut tapioca

Here, each dish is billed for success and financial happiness. Interspersing brilliant tastes and combinations in this set, the white tiger hints that in the new year you need to invest money carefully and wisely, and then you will achieve great financial plans!


Bright firey Tiger greets you with true masterpieces of culinary art! Each dish in the set effectively lights up the start of the new year and, together with the orange tiger, hints that your year will be incredibly hot and captivating. Here, each taste note is the start of the brightest journey of your life!

— Grilled salmon with baked sweet potatoes and aioli sauce

— Mandarin cheesecake

– Peking duck salad with peaches and mango vinaigrette

— Cream cheese and red caviar tartlets

Be brave and choose the Orange Tiger prediction menu!


A Purple Tiger with extraordinary skin is absolutely sure that your year will be perfect. The main course in 2022 is new thrills and sensations. Try exquisite combinations of the set:

— Cereal waffle with tuna spread

— Chia seed dessert with mango mousse

— Quail in wine with baked mushrooms and Caesar sauce

– Salad of baked beets, pumpkin, and feta cheese

The most mysterious and magical set! Definitely charged with the fulfillment of mysterious and audacious desires.


The mystical Maltese predator has chosen an unusual set for wise ideas and fateful encounters in 2022! The year is shaping up to be incredible, loaded with new victories, and many exciting new roads.

— Mini roast beef bruschetta

— Kentucky pasta with chicken, oyster mushrooms and pine nuts

— Chicken roll roll

— Salad bowl with quinoa and prawns

— Pistachio tart

Choose a smart set for new ideas in 2022!


Mysterious delicacies with tannic reflections and prediction of the Blue Tiger for your wonderful new year:

-Bruschetta with grilled peppers and pesto sauce

— Medallions with tomato sauce and mashed green peas with mint

— Sea buckthorn mousse

— Roast beef salad

The set will definitely load up your year with incredible events and unforgettable moments of joy!


The ruler of water and winter has chosen a special set for your invincible strength and new achievements. Bright feelings, strong energy, and confidence await you in the New Year 2022!

-Salmon and cream cheese bagel

— Salad bowl with quinoa and tuna

– Blue shark steaks with Chinese rice and aioli sauce

– Nut pie

The cost of any menu for 1 person is 3500 rubles.

You can order on the website and, by the way, delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region is free.