In the process of growing strawberries, we face many questions, and one of them is why the leaves of strawberries turn red, is it disease or lack of nutrients? What to do if strawberry leaves turn red?

In this case, you need to determine when the strawberry leaves begin to blush. On average, the leaves of garden strawberries (strawberries, Victoria) live for 70-90 days. Then they begin to die off naturally. Before that, they turn red, and then dry up. This process takes place at the end of the summer season.

At the same time, pay attention, if in the center of the bush the leaves are young and green, and on the sides of the berry bushes the old leaves begin to redden, then your plants feel good and the natural process of dying old leaves is In progress. In this case, there is no reason to worry about why the lower leaves of strawberries turn red.

The answer to why strawberry leaves are light green is young new leaves. There is a natural renewal of berry bushes.

Why do strawberry leaves turn red?

  • If red leaves appear on strawberries in the middle of summer, this is due to too high acidity of the soil.
  • Also, red leaves on strawberries and strawberries say nitrogen
  • Red-purple strawberry leaves warn of a lack of phosphorus.
  • If only red, then brown the edges of the leaves, this is a lack of potassium.

Why do strawberry leaves turn red?

What to do if strawberry leaves turn red?

Having determined what is the cause of red leaves on strawberries, you can already choose a treatment method.

  1. Apply fertilizer. In the case of a lack of nitrogen, it can be ammonium nitrate, nitrogen phosphate or complex fertilizers.
  2. Sprinkle the strawberry aisles with ash (1 cup of ash per linear meter). This top dressing also contributes to the enrichment of the soil with nitrogen.
  3. Growing green manures enriches the soil before planting strawberries (read about green manure here). Sowing green manure before planting strawberries and other vegetables gives amazing results! Strawberries do not get sick, are not affected by pests. At the beginning of July, before planting strawberries, sow white mustard on the beds, and plant it in the ground in the first decade of August.

red strawberry leaves

Red spots on strawberry leaves – what to do?

If red spots appear in August and there are white spots on them, then this disease is white leaf spot. Strawberries are treated against this disease using Bordeaux liquid (1 teaspoon per 0.5 liters of water) or by spraying berry bushes with a solution of Fitosporin several times before the end of the season. You can use the drug “Zircon”,

Spring treatment of strawberries from diseases and pests with the help of “Zircon” will destroy pathogens not only fungal and bacterial diseases, but even viral ones.

What to do if there are brown spots on strawberry leaves?

The appearance on the leaves of irregular angular features, limited mainly by the leaf veins of large dark purple spots, then, as the affected tissue dies, turning brown is a sign of brown spots.

This disease affects strawberry leaves in the second half of August. Preventive measures will help to remove stains from strawberry leaves: spray the strawberries before the leaves begin to grow with a Bordeaux mixture (300 g of copper sulphate, 400 g of slaked lime per 10 liters of water) or a preparation of Topaz.

Why strawberry leaves turn yellow and what to do if strawberry leaves turn yellow.

Quite often in the spring, on the beds of strawberries, you can see that the leaves of strawberries turn yellow to a bright lemon color. This is called non-infectious chlorosis.

The reason for its appearance is that the earth warms up much more slowly than the air. And when the sun warms up, most often it is in March-April, intensive leaf growth begins, and the roots, sitting in the cold ground, cannot yet work at full strength, cannot cope with the supply of nutrients and moisture to the Mountain. This is why strawberry leaves turn yellow.

Another reason for yellowing leaves is a lack of iron and poor nutrition. The disease is especially pronounced when the soil dries out.

What to do if strawberry leaves turn yellow?

It is necessary to spray plantings with iron-containing preparations, and regular watering is better with warm water. Nitrogen fertilization also has a positive effect. You can use ammonium nitrate. The nitrogen it contains helps nourish the plants, and the ammonia repels may beetles, which are also the reason why the berry bush in the garden turns yellow and dries up.

Why do strawberry leaves turn yellow?

Strawberry leaves in a small hole

This means that a weevil beetle has settled on your berries, causing such small holes. If carrots or radishes are planted next to berry bushes, pests can move from there. In this case, you need to spray the berries before they bloom. Spraying is carried out, as a rule, by chemical means. For example, “Tsipershans”, which is dangerous not only for strawberry pests, but also for earthworms and birds. Therefore, it is better to use biological preparations against the weevil, which makes small holes in strawberry leaves. It’s Spark – organic, Akarin, Fitoverm.

The weevil is also the reason why strawberry leaves dry up. It overwinters in strawberry leaves and begins to feed on the juice of young leaves, even in early spring. Therefore, if the strawberry lets dry and you notice a dried bud on the stem, then it is too late to fight the pest. He flew to raspberries, and will return to winter again in strawberries. It is necessary to process the berries in early spring, or when the buds have not yet appeared, and the temperature is kept at 8-10 degrees, with one of the indicated preparations. In the case of the weevil, it is good that it never completely eats the entire berry crop.